Mother’s Day offers a great opportunity to spend time with family, catch up on some conversation, maybe learn a new thing or two about loved ones.

Imagine if you had your family’s memories documented.

That’s something author Paul Shike hopes to spread throughout the Wabash Valley. Today he held a book signing at Willow Gifts for his newest book, “Tell Me So I Know.”

It’s got over 600 questions for family to document and keep throughout the generations.

“I lost my father suddenly and I realized after he was gone how many things I don’t know about his life… When it came down to knowing things like who his best friend was as a child and his favorite memories of his grandparents and what was his favorite story to tell about me and I realized how much I’d like to know those things, so I decided to put the book together.”

You can purchase Shike’s book at Willow Gifts in Terre Haute. It’s also on