Technology Matters-Protect Your Information


The aging app Faceapp remains popular, but is a good example of an app that could compromise your personal information.

Many apps ask for your phone number, email and location. Not all are up to something no good, but think twice before giving your number. Never reveal your Social Security number.

If you’re not using some apps, delete them. Those apps can gather info just sitting on your homepage.

Be alert. If you see “we reserve the right to use your data for marketing purposes,” think about how much you’re willing to share.

If you’re inserting your card or paying cash, it may be time to modernize.

Digital wallets keep your banking info in one easy-to-access spot…and away from hackers.

Mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay encrypt your payment info. A thief would need your passcode or fingerprint to access your digital wallet.

Not all retailers accept contactless payments, so keep a card in your wallet.

The 2017 Equifax hack exposed the personal data of nearly 150-million people.

Now there’s a settlement and I’ll link you so you can apply. The settlement includes cash and free credit monitoring.

If you haven’t, freeze your credit. This stops potential creditors from seeing your credit report. You can unfreeze it as needed. Sign up for fraud alerts and credit monitoring too. You’ll be notified if someone applies for credit in your name. And get identity theft protection.

Google users can now tell the big G to auto delete personal info after 3 months or 18 months. Auto Delete also applies to your location history. Go to your Google Account and Manage Activity to set things up.

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