Technology Matters-Apple Announcements


    What to look for on the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

    iOS 13 will include a Dark Mode, a color scheme already available on laptops.  It makes the screen easier to see in low light.

    iOS 13 boasts faster speeds and adds swipe to text.

    Apple playing catch up to Google Maps, look for ambitious updates…including street view.

    And Apple restricting how iPhone apps collect your data and the ability to “sign up with Apple.”

    This comes after a researcher exposed a flaw in Apple’s Mac OS security protections.

    New apps to consider, one tracking menstrual cycles, another noise pollution.

    And a new high-end computer…the Mac Pro.  The first update since the Pro was launched in 20-13.

    Yes, you heard correctly, iTunes going away.  There are separate apps for music, video and podcasts.  All available on Apple desktops, phones and tablets.

    Now, instead of charging per song, you’ll have a monthly fee for unlimited content. 

    The Apple Watch may be getting its own app store, reducing its dependence on pairing with an iPhone.

    And memojis with a revamping.

    You can give your avatars hats, glasses and Air Pods to name a few.

    There’s more options for facial hair, skin color and makeup.

    The avatars can be used in profile photos.

    There is also memoji stickers you can use in mesages…as well as other services like We-Chat.

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