It’s a local tradition that dates back nearly a century…
    And today the symbol of pride, academic achievement and personal growth was given to 87 graduates of saint mary of the woods college.

    It was the 97th annual ring day.
    Students included those on campus … Online and graduate sudents.
    We talked with a mother and daughter duo who both received their rings today … And hope the tradition continues in their family for future generations.

“It just solidifies the bond I have with my daughter and the bond I have with Saint Mary-of-the Woods. It’s such a magical place and we absolutely love it here,” mother and SMWC graduate Michelle Blair said.

“One thing nobody tells you about Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, you just have to learn it yourself is it’s not really a learning experience like most traditional colleges are, but it’s a life experience, daughter and SMWC graduate Ashley Grochowsky said.