Suspect Wanted for Arson


The surveillance pictures clearly show a man walking around the offices but he took steps to hide his face and disguise his identity. 

Wearing dark clothing, gloves, and a ski mask, the suspect broke into the Community Corrections Center and then wandered the halls and offices spreading an accelerant with a spray bottle.

“The fire itself placed a lot of people in danger. There was approximately 56 offenders, 54 in the building at the time. I also had 3 or 4 staff here.” said Bill Watson, Executive Director of Community Corrections. 

Smoke alarms alerted everyone to get out, which they did safely, and the building’s sprinkler system poured water on the blaze. Firefighters arrived to finish the job.

Vigo County law enforcement has a message for those who commit these types of crimes:

“People out there that do bad things need to know that they’re not going to get away with it. We’re going to keep looking for you and trying to find you to bring you to justice. This is another example of a law enforcement agency being targeted.” says Norm Loudermilk, Fire Investigator.

Damage was mostly caused by smoke and water. Officials were able to get cleaning crews inside to immediately start putting things back in order.

“A lot of people came together this morning to resolve a bad situation that could have been a lot harder”, Bill Watson.

Even though the suspect covered his face, investigators hope someone will recognize his build, walk, or some other characteristic.

 Anyone with information is asked to call the Vigo County Sheriff’s Department.

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