This supper at Providence Hall involves more than fellowship over food.

Sister Editha Bem explains it this way.

“The purpose of this is for people to get to the know the sisters,” says Sister Editha Bem, vocation director at Sisters of Providence.

It’s called Supper with the Sisters of Providence.

A grant funds the food, opening the door for anyone interested in this community of Catholic women to sign up and learn about their daily lives.

So, Caitlin Granfield signed up.

And she says her discussion on their decisions to become a Sister of Providence served up these interesting answers.

“I’ve wanted to be a sister since I was 18. And, going from having boyfriends to deciding to not have boyfriends anymore and join the religious life,” says Caitlin Granfield, a senior at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. 

When it comes to their daily lives, the sisters sum that up as “alive.”

“And, because of our mission, we are able to share our talents and gifts where ever we are need,” says Sister Bem.

But, Sister Bem says, since the median age of a Sister of Providence is 79, this supper hopes to serve another purpose with those who sign up.

“They get to know who we are and hopefully, it will inspire them to consider religious life,” Sister Bem explains.

This is the second year the Sisters of Providence have held Supper or Lunch with the Sisters.

It’s a celebration of National Catholic Sisters Week, which was March 8-14.

The last day to have supper or lunch with the Sisters of Providence is Wednesday, Marcy 22nd, unfortunately, the signup deadline date has already passed.