A class at Indiana State University used problem solving skills to help make the homecoming football game a safer event.

Professor Darlene Hantzis, chair of the department of communications, led the eight-week course that concluded last month. Students presented their findings to the university April 24.

“The students did an incredible job, and these recommendations are just a few of the many that the ypresented to us,” ISU president Deborah J. Curtis said during a press conference Wednesday.

Increased sober ride shuttles betwee nthe stadium and the campus will be provided due to the student’s suggestions.

Other ideas to be implemented include a”Homecleaning” service project on Sunday after the game, where students and other volunteers will help clean up Wabash Avenue.

Local businesses will also be encouraged to “go blue” by decorating with blue signs and providing alternate activities to “The Walk” pub crawl.

While the pub crawl is not officiall ysanctioned by the university, Curtis explained, it contributes to safety concerns regarding alcohol consumption.

Alec Carr, an ISU freshman, was one of the students in the course.

“This class experience was on elike no other,” Carr said. “As a freshman at Indiana State University, this spectacular opportunity reminds me why I chose to attend ISU. As a student, I feel valued, and I know my opinions matter. This class was a big learning opportunity for me, and I will be able to take this problem-based learning experience with me into future classes, and eventually with me in the aviation industry.”

Curtis noted the students in the course provided several other ideas that are still be looked into.