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WISH- It can spread to you, your family, your co-workers. It is so bad, the Center for Disease Control calls it a growing crisis across the world, (see link below.)

We’re talking about antibiotic resistant bacteria or germs. Now, there is a new committee, with one goal: to protect you.

Dr. Sara Blosser the Director of Clinical Microbiology, with the State Department of Health “They are becoming more and more of a problem here in Indiana, across the country, and around the world. We see more and more types of antibiotic resistance emerging every year.”

In Indiana alone, Dr. Sara Blosser with the State Health Department says there were more than 350 cases of the drug-resistant germ C-P-C-R-E in 2016. Another 220 reported cases as of December 5th.

Dr. Sara Blosser said “It is something they’ve coined ‘The Nightmare Bacteria’. This is something where we need more antibiotics and we need more awareness of how to prevent the spread of these types of bugs.”

Which is where the new State Antibiotic Resistant Committee comes in. Forming now, the 12-member group will be made up health professionals from across Indiana including doctors.

Dr. Blosser said  “I asked them to bring one need, one idea, one tool they think is essential to stopping the spread of antibiotic resistance in their practice on a daily basis.”

Created by the state Health Department, the committee actually costs Indiana taxpayers nothing. The members volunteer their own time to do this.

Dr. Blosser explained “We’re hoping these are tangible items that we can then start to investigate and how to combat in the upcoming years.”

Combat Blosser hopes will save lives. That committee’s first meeting is January 10th.

So, how do you help fight the spread of the deadly germs?

Dr. Blosser said washing your hands with good ‘ole soap and water for at least 20 seconds is your best bet. She said there actually isn’t a lot of added benefit to using antibacterial soap. Dr. Blosser said if you want too, look for a hand sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol.

To learn about the State of Indiana’s efforts with antibiotic resistance, click here

To learn more about antibiotic resistance from the Centers for Disease Control, click here

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