Stay Sharp, Stay Safe


When it comes to self defense and survival, naivety is a liability – one more common in college-aged kids.

“They think “oh it can’t happen to me, and then it happens,” Sgt. Jacqueline Smith with ISU Police said.

Students may try to follow basic safety tips…

“I try to walk on the street so there are street lights, like I don’t try to take any alleys or anything,” ISU junior Courtney Hengehold said. 

…but in the craze of classes, studying, and socializing, bad habits can form.

“At night more, there isn’t a lot of groups, I think you end up walking by yourself because you think its okay, and it usually isn’t,” ISU senior Abigail Irwin said.

If you do find yourself alone and vulnerable, staying alert and eliminating distractions, like a phone or music, is important.

“I know it’s nice to have ear buds in your ear, but try to be aware of what’s around you,” Smith said.

And in the instance of an attack, it’s all about reacting, and fast.    

Jackie Smith says you’re more likely to be attacked from behind, so there are some tips of what to do if that happens to you:

     — Place your right hand at the wrist and your left hand under the elbow at the pressure point and squeeze.

     — Tuck your chin in their elbow to make sure you can breathe, and make sure to yell the entire time.

     — Take your right hand and make a hammer fist and jab into the groin.

To combat incidences, ISU offers a 24-hour security escort system for students, and recently added the campus to the Rave Guardian app, which allows individuals to select guardians to monitor them while they’re out alone.  

“She can put in where she is, where her destination is, how long she’s gonna be gone, she sets her timer, when the timer goes off, if she’s not cleared that timer, it will notify those individuals that are on her safety team,” Smith said.

Just always remember that stranger danger is very real. 

“Not everybody is out there to be nice to you, and there are some people that that’s what they’re here for, to hurt people,” Smith said.

ISU Police will have its Rape Aggression Defense, or R.A.D., class in September, and there are also several other self defense classes offered to groups other than just female students. 

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