State of the Schools speech provides hope for future


Some new information and data about the Vigo County Schools could help the corporation in the future. The findings were presented during the first ever State of the Schools message delivered by the new superintendent how started his job last summer.  

It was standing room only at the West Vigo Elementary School conference center Wednesday as Superintendent Dr. Robert Haworth gave the Vigo County School Corporation’s first ever stayed at the school speech  

“I’m very excited with his vision and his enthusiasm,” Mel Kirchener said. “I feel like he’s really building up Vigo County and the community and that’s what the community needs.” 

Over the past few months parents, school administrators and residents of Vigo County took time to participate in strategic planning meetings to help better plan the schools’ future goals.   

“The one that stuck out with me the most was the technology in the schools,” Kirchener said. “I think that that is a hot topic item. I was very excited to see the forward motion and the potential for the information technology in the schools.” 

Along with technology, the survey found that people wanted more field trips, hands on experiences for students and teachers, higher pay for teachers and more nutritious lunch menu options.  

“I learned a lot of things this evening that I did not know, and it brought to mind the fact that we need to really educate the public about what a wonderful job that the school corporation is doing,” Marylee Hagan said. “Not only for the people that live here but for the people that are thinking about living here.”     

Now that the surveys are over Superintendent Haworth realizes that there is still work that needs to be done. 

The school created 5 committees to go over the goals for the corporation. 

Those committees will complete a rough draft of the strategic plan and decide next steps this summer.  

“Trust is an everyday issue and it really doesn’t matter what we did a month ago or what we did last week, for parents it’s what we are doing each and every day,” Dr. Robert Haworth said. “So, we will continue to try and earn that trust by working hard every day.” 

At the end of the meeting Dr. Haworth shook hands and met with everyone that attended Wednesday night’s meeting.  

The superintendent plans on deliver a state of schools each year 

If you would like to see the data from the meeting it’ll be made public on Monday, February 11th on the schools website.

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