A nationally recognized gymnastics competition is on it’s way to the Wabash Valley.

For over a year Robert and Michelle Ealy have worked to secure the Indiana USA Gymnastics Championship, and they couldn’t have done so without the help of Strive365.

“It was nice having Strive this year. We’ve always done it previously at ISU but we were not able to put in two floors,” Michelle said Monday afternoon. “So if I wasn’t able to do it at Strive we wouldn’t be able to have it”.

Strive365, which has been in the Wabash Valley for a year, will host two gymnastic competitions, one in January and one in March.

“With us being a multi-use facility and all the variety of activities and events we host here, to add gymnastics to that we’re just excited and happy to have our name associated with it,” Bryan Archer of Strive365 said.

At the Wabash Valley Classic competition in January, Ealy says about 300 athletes will participate from all over Indiana and Illinois.

And those who qualify for the USA gymnastics championship will be coming from all over Indiana.

“There’s going to be over 600 athletes competing in March,” She said.

With hundreds of people visiting Terre Haute during these competitions, January and March will be busy months for those working in hospitality, according to David Patterson, Executive Director of the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“When you come here for a two or three day sporting event, you know you’re buying gas, eating in the restaurants, staying at the hotels,” Patterson said Monday afternoon. “And then those people that are employed at those facilities, they in turn spend their wages buying insurance going to the dentist or what have you”.

Patterson tells WTWO that over the years Terre Haute has perfected the art of competition tourism, and the passion from organizers is what makes this community profitable.

“I think that’s why we are successful here in our community. And you know when people love something it generally turns out well,” he said.