Spring Break Skin Care


Tarah Parnell sees a lot of business this time of year, as local college students come in to get a base tan before spring break.

Unfortunately, she sees a lot of those students coming in too late.

“They wait til the last minute,” said Parnell. “It’s like ‘oh I’m going here in two weeks’ and I’m like ‘well, you really need to give yourself, at least a month, so that you can build that base tan…safely’.” 

Parnell takes new customers through a skin typing process, which allows them to determine the right exposure to start on.

There are also some other important steps to follow before tanning, like making sure to put on lotion and use the safety goggles.

Family nurse practitioner Ryan Patterson says he doesn’t recommend tanning beds due to UV exposure.

“What I would recommend to someone who is going to go to a tanning bed, or has a membership, is to switch those out for things like sunless tanners or airbrush tanning,” said Patterson. 

Parnell Studios does also offer these options, which Parnell says she often recommends to people before spring break.

“Spray tans are awesome,” said Parnell. “Because they let you go on vacation and not look like a tourist.”

Regardless of whether you use a tanning bed, a spray tan, or sunless lotions, there is one thing you still have to use while on break.

“It’s really important to wear a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every day,” said Patterson.

Patterson also recommends avoiding exposure during the peak hours of 10 AM to 4 PM, wearing hats, and reapplying sunscreen.

And he says that for people looking to come back with a tan, being safe doesn’t stop you from doing so.

“You’ll still get color through sunscreen,” said Patterson. “It’ll just block some of the damaging effects.”

Patterson says that not all hope is lost if you’ve suffered from sun damage.There are topical prescription products that can reverse brown spots and other sun-related issues.

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