TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A special exhibit opens at one of Terre Haute’s most important venues. It’s called ‘Eva’s Scarves.’

It focuses on the style of Holocaust survivor the late, Eva Kor. The exhibit can be found at the Candles Holocaust Museum, which Eva Kor founded.

Eva Kor’s iconic fashion was made into an exhibit with about 30 different scarves. Executive Director of Candles Holocaust Museum said this exhibit is a way to step away from the seriousness of the Holocaust.

“Her fashion and how that was fun and vibrant, and full of hope and healing. Which that’s exactly what Eva was,” Troy Fears said.

Eva’s son Alex Kor said he remembers why she started wearing the scarves.

“My mom was always worried about her double chin. So, that’s why she wore scarves for her entire life,” Kor said.

The exhibit provides a glimpse into Eva’s personality, but the rest of the museum continues to provide education about the Holocaust.

Eva lived through some of the worst years in world history, when she and her family were sent to a Nazi concentration camp.

Now, years later, war is impacting Ukraine and other areas of eastern Europe and Russia.

Troy Fears and Alex Kor both say Eva would have been saddened by today’s situation.

“Forgiveness is a seed for peace and that’s exactly what she would want people to do today. Is to kind of forgive each other, be kind to each other,” Fears said.

“She would be at the forefront of telling people what happened. How hate is such a terrible symptom of society and that we all need to do something about it,” Kor said.

Alex said it’s so important for people, especially young people to understand history, so they can deal with the challenges of today.

“More and more people are saying that the Holocaust never happened and unfortunately each day there are less and less Holocaust survivors alive,” Kor said. “I take responsibility to hopefully teach young people, tell the young people, tell adults, tell anybody that will listen to what happened.”

International Holocaust Remembrance Day” is tomorrow, along with Eva Education Day. Also January 31st would have been Eva Kor’s 89th birthday.