Students at Indiana State University were inspired about the future on Wednesday.

Dozens of students attended the Spark Innovation Seminar.

They heard from a variety of speakers, including entrepreneurs.

There was even a product-pitching event called “Dolphin Tank”, modeled after the ABC show “Shark Tank”.

The goal of the seminar was to inspire the students to pursue their passions, by using professionalism and technical skills.

“I think that students are looking at ways to think differently about how they might work when they leave college, when they come away with a degree, what they’ll do with it. We want them to think about different kinds of directions that they can go. It’s not just about getting a job. They might have to create a job,” says Bev Bitzegaio, the Director of Outreach for the College of Technology at ISU.

The event was a collaborative effort by the College of Technology, the Scott College of Business, the College of Technology Tech Express Cafe, the Scott College of Business Executive Express Cafe, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), the ISU Business Engagement Center and LAUNCH Terre Haute.