Local law enforcement is crediting a drone, in its efforts to capture a fugitive.

Forty-five year old Vernon Eversole is the suspect in the morning pursuit. Officers say after Eversole crashed his vehicle into a telephone pole on State Road 63 south of Fairbanks, he fled into a nearby cornfield where police searched for hours.

Eversole was brought here to Regional Hospital shortly after his arrest. Once cleared by doctors, he’ll be taken to the Vigo County Jail. Sheriff Greg Ewing says from what he saw, Eversole had back injuries and lacerations on his face after an eventful morning.

Officers and K-9s spread out through farm land in Northern Sullivan County searching for a man on the run.

The Vigo County Sheriff’s Department got a call just before 9 a.m. Thursday morning about a suspicious vehicle in Oak Ridge Parkway Subdivision south of Terre Haute.

“When deputies located the vehicle a pursuit was initiated, which then came down to State Road 63 into Sullivan County and wound up crashing into a utility pole,” Vigo Co. Sheriff Greg Ewing said.

Officers say Vernon Eversole, then fled from the scene into a nearby cornfield which is when a new investigator hit the scene.

 “We can get up in the air within minutes. This particular drone can fly up to 10,000 feet, which is two miles,” Tony Shipman with Sullivan Co. Emergency Management said.

Shipman has  been with  Sullivan County Emergency Management for about five years. With a mechanical business on the side, he invested in a $2,000 drone that can greatly assist in situations like this.

“We can lead rescuers to that individual and we can see them entering the scene,” he said.

It’s a technology that Shipman thinks will make it pretty big in the search and rescue field.

“When I go to scenes like this, ‘wow, I really got to see this, I want to see the technology behind it’ just like today a prime example, a lot of people were like, ‘wow I can’t believe this is even out there’ so I see a lot of people starting to buy them and pick them up.”

The two drones on the scene Thursday, are individually owned. Shipman says that the aerial view showed Eversole’s tracks through the cornfield.

 The suspect was later spotted about a half a mile away from the field next to a red barn.

“The capabilities and technologies in this drone here is just, is just unbelievable,” Shipman said.

Shipman’s drone was also used earlier this week to help with a death investigation at Turtle Creek Reservoir.