Shutting Down the Flu


Coughing, a runny nose, and headaches are symptoms that are shared by both a common cold and the flu. But one symptom stands out in helping people know which one they have. 

“You sometimes have the sniffles or like a plug up nose but generally if you have a fever. That’s whenever you’d feel the flu” says Jace Biggs, pharmacist.

The flu can help be prevented by washing your hands and following good sanitation, but the flu vaccination is still strongly suggested by medical professionals. In addition to receiving the shot, the timing can also make a difference. “Say flu season happens to peak this year in early or mid-October, you want to have that coverage now as opposed to waiting. Maybe it’ll peak later and then you get sick.” said Jace Biggs.

Some community members are trying their best to get ahead of this year’s flu season. 

“I don’t want to catch a sickness so you’ve got to get the flu shot. Stay healthy, you don’t want to give it to anybody else either” says Andrew Beddow, ISU student.

Andrew Beddow says that being on a college campus makes his health even more of a priority. “We’re in close quarters here at the dorms and stuff and you don’t really want to get anybody sick and you have a better chance of getting sick here.”

Students aren’t the only who should be worried about the flu shot as the illness can effect anyone at any time. “There are a lot of populations of people but just generally anybody should get it because nobody likes having the flu,” says Biggs.

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