Show Me the Bacon


Recently there has been a lot of talk about a potential bacon shortage in the United States.

The possibility of sky rocketing prices and the loss of the cherished breakfast dish has a lot of Americans and our very own Cody Adams worried about what could happen.  

Lets look at the facts first.

The demand of bacon is increasing according to the Purdue extension office in Terre Haute.

That means distributors have had to dip into what is called the bacon reserve. The good news is everything else you see is basically fake

Fake news has been a large topic of discussion over the last month or so, and it seems it has dug its claws into bacon. So basically all you care about is, we aren’t running out of bacon anytime soon. And the Purdue extension office says we need to just calm down.

“Producers in the state of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan will meet that demand if it’s there. So there will be that one piglet that is raised up to slaughter, so it’s not going away, there are definitely pigs in Indiana.”

Several other organizations have looked in the alleged bacon shortage and have discovered that it may just be a very clever marketing technique, so no worries.

The bacon reserve is a real thing. It is set aside frozen bacon that is sent out to supplement when a demand can’t be met completely.


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