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We rely on law enforcement officers to deal with all the chaos and mayhem in order to keep us safe. That’s a job that not only weighs on them, but takes time away from family.

You can see from the framed photos and colored pictures, Knox County Sheriff Mike Morris takes great pride in his family. That’s why he makes it a priority around the office during down time.

And it’s not often in a sheriff’s department that you hear the patter of little feet.

But working with a badge for the past 40 years, Sheriff Morris knows the kind of toll law enforcement can take on an officer or deputy.

“These guys see death on a regular basis, they see traumatic injuries on a regular basis, they see broken families on a daily basis… It’s a profession that you keep to yourself,” Sheriff Morris said.   

The sheriff’s son also works in the department. It’s his three year old daughter Makinnley, you see bringing the office together.

Sheriff Morris says deputies’ families often stop by to help balance out the time that the job sometimes takes away.

“Sometimes having to leave in the middle of the night or not being there when they go to bed doesn’t help anything, but on the flip side days like today when she can come and hang out… Helps make up for it,” Det. Aaron Morris said.

You’ll also see the gym area has designated play spots, which not only build a better bond between families but co-workers too.

“It allows officers a chance to come in and work out, not have to worry about child care, kids get to correspond with other officers kids and helps make a family friendly environment for them,” Det. Mike Fisher said.

Sheriff Morris tells me that family is not allowed to tag along while deputies are on-duty. He’s served as the Sheriff in Knox county for 8 years now and says the family friendly environment has only progressed.


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