She Fixes & She Sells


There are plenty of historic homes in every city, Terre Haute being a prime example. Too often we forget about our city’s foundation, but two local sisters believe what’s old can be new again.

“I was born with a paint brush in my hand,” Monica Wilson said.

Monica and Claire Wilson grew up helping out with their parents’ business, Complete Home Renovations Inc. It’s what first spawned 19-year old Monica’s career ambition.

“When I got to high school, I realized maybe like a year or two in that I didn’t want to go to college and I’d rather take over the business because I could see how much it was progressing and I could see that was a gift I was already given,” Monica said.

Taking her first project under her tool belt, she designed a renovation plan for a 100 year old home on South 7th Street that was damaged by a fire. Much of the home’s original structure was okay. And, it’s a wonder what some paint, hardwood floor repair and tiling can do for a place.  

“It’s this massive house that people drive by and they don’t really see it so our vision is to make it a statement for this part of the neighborhood.”    

Her sister Claire, older by just two years, would be the business side of things, selling the house once it’s complete. Thus the Haute Sisters first project.    

“I love living in this neighborhood area, just with all the historical homes and you really get to see them, and how some people do beautify them and make them presentable and livable and then you see others that have just become rundown,” Claire said.

Being Terre Haute natives, it’s a close project to the Wilson sisters. On Thursday, they hung their first banner in front of the home promoting Haute Sisters. It reads “she fixes and she sells.”

“Just seeing it all come together to actually be a house in the end is just incredible.”

The two have been working on the home for nearly a year now, they hope the house will be complete within the next couple of weeks.

You can follow the process on Complete Home Renovations Inc. on their Facebook page. You can also check in with There will be an open house once it is complete, it’s expected to go for $120,000 – $140,000.


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