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As soon as John Quiñones took the stage at the Hatfield Hall auditorium he was met with cheers and applause. 

The long time ABC journalist and host of the show ‘What Would You Do?’ spoke on Rose-Hulman’s campus Monday as part of a MLK convocation.  

Students and faculty kept their eyes glued to the speaker and attentively took notes.

Quiñones never expected his childhood dreams of becoming a television journalist would have taken him full circle. 

“You know the last time I was in Indiana I was traveling through here as migrant farm workers so of course this blows my mind that today I’m this Keynote speaker at this wonderful university,” Quiñones said.  
The journalist shared how his personal struggles helped shape his career and make his dreams a reality. 
Quiñones grew up as a migrant worker in Texas and was the first member of his family to attend college.

And for those in the audience it was a day they had waited for for months. 

“I was really excited clearly,” Joshua Richey said. “I wasn’t supposed to be here. I just followed my friend up here so I could hope to get to see him.” 

Joshua Richey was one of the lucky few that got to meet Quiñones before his speech. 

And for the Rose-Hulman senior hearing Quiñones speak was a great way to celebrate Dr. King’s Day. 

“I think it’s good for all of us students to here the back group of people of various cultures and see how they came up,” Richey said.  

And Quiñones hopes that his dream inspires those who hear it. 

“If this kid could have his dream come true then of course anything your trying to do here at Rose Hulman is also achievable,” Quiñones said. “You just have to have that sense of determination and of course hard work.” 

Now the show that Quiñones is best known for, ‘What Would You Do?’ has done more than 500 scenarios and the audience got a chance to watch one of the scenarios and talk to Quiñones after.

‘What Would You Do?’ is currently in the middle of filming the new season and will be back on ABC later this month.  

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