Senator Mike Braun visits Terre Haute for Freshman Forum


The United States Chamber of Commerce hosts Freshman Forums to allow communities to meet and discuss issues with their federal lawmakers. Wednesday, Senator Mike Braun had his chance to visit Terre Haute. Braun says he has only held his office for several months and he already sees changes that need to be made within.  

“‘The Federal Government Inc.’, I call it, basically operates somewhat by the seat of our pants and I hope to change that in reform it,” Braun said.

One issue that braun brought to the table is health care reform. He says he believes that the federal government should no longer get involved with big health care.

“Nobody should ever go broke because they get sick or have a bad accident.  You need to be able to have your kids on a plan until they’re 26, you need to cover preexisting conditions, which I did in my own business, and no cap on coverage, I’m challenging the industry to get with it,” Braun said.

Another issue that has affected many Americans and Hoosiers is the trade war with china. Farmers have been impacted due to tariffs on crops such as soybeans but Braun says he thinks that President Trump’s trade war is holding China accountable.

“We need to bring them in to the world arena to where they’re behaving like everyone else and I’m glad President Trump took them on and I think they’re making head way there,” Braun said.

During his visit to the Wabash Valley, Braun says being able to meet community members and hearing their concerns allows him to better do his job.

“I love meeting like this, touring plants, just getting out and about because you always hear things that you didn’t really know all of before,” Braun said.

Senator Braun also says he and Senator Todd Young meet for what they call “Hoosier Huddles” to discuss Indiana issues.

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