School Board Terminates Tanoos’ Contract


Danny Tanoos is no longer employed by the Vigo County School Corporation. Monday the school board terminated the former school superintendent’s contract with the school. It was just one of many topics discussed during the meeting.

“Indiana Code requires that his employment ends today,” said current superintendent Dr. Robert Haworth.

Former Superintendent Danny Tanoos has received his pink slip.

According to Indiana law, Tanoos had the opportunity to make his case with his employers and the current superintendent, but declined to do so. 

This ultimately led to his termination at Monday night’s school board meeting.

“It’s a personnel matter,” Dr. Haworth said. “I think we’ve tried to be forthcoming in terms of the information that’s been provided and tried to provide it in a timely manner. Our hope is to move forward.”

Tanoos faces three counts of bribery for allegedly improperly awarding school contracts. 

Moving forward, Dr. Haworth recommended that the policy review committee focus its attention on five key elements when changing policy: purchasing authority, conflict of interest, gifts to employees and school board members, bidding requirements and protection for whistle blowers.

“We have to have policies in place that will ensure our community that we are being good stewards of all resources,” Dr. Haworth said. “So the suggestions today were just that. How do we ensure that and how do we create another level of protection?”

The school is currently on track to pay it’s debt of $8 million by 2026. 

However, before the corporation takes on more debt, the first reading of a proposed bond committee was brought before the board. 

The board wants to make sure other buildings in the corporation are improved before addressing the renovation or building of new high schools.

“That general obligation bond is for $5 million and it really goes to projects that have been on our capital projects list for some time, deferred maintenance projects,” Dr. Haworth said.  

But the biggest priority is regaining the community’s trust. 

“I’ve been asked several times about building trust and I will continue to say that we have to build trust each and every day,” Dr. Haworth said.  

The public will have several chances to meet with members of the board and school leaders.

The first public forum will be October 18th, at Deming, Davis Park And Dixie Bee Elementary Schools starting at 6:30 p.m.

During the next meeting, the school board will meet with representatives from Neola Inc, a company that specializes in policy rewording.

That meeting is scheduled for November 5th.

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