School Board Talks Options for Facility Update


The Vigo County School Corporation continues talking renovations for their school buildings.

Architects have presented two options for updating the facilities. However, at the school board’s meeting Monday night, some members of the public were interested in a third option.

“At least evaluate a replacement option to go along with the remodel option, and the reconstruction option,” says one local man.

Some would like to see new buildings for Vigo County schools altogether. Superintendent Dr. Danny Tanoos says that would be a bit of a challenge. Not because of money, but for location purposes.

“Not financially as much, because reconstruction and renovation will be a costly, maybe not as much,” says Dr. Tanoos, “but where do you put them? Well you put them on the athletic fields, so what do you do with athletics for the next 2, 3 years?”

Not only would this investment in the school facilities be meaningful to the students who use them, but Dr. Tanoos explains its ripple effects into the surrounding community as well.

“People look at your schools. They drive by them. We know that for a fact when companies who have been here and asked us to sit down and meet with them, or they will come in and say we’ve driven by your schools, we’ve looked at your website, we’ve looked at test scores and all those types of things. We looked at your facilities,” says Dr. Tanoos.

This isn’t the only new facility causing concern. The school board vice president, Jackie Lower, is working on a statement addressing the location of a new jail in Vigo County. The building location is proposed across from the school’s aquatic center.

“It will be presented to the board, and there will be a vote on it at the next meeting,” says Lower.

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