Schematics Approved for New Jail


Vigo County is closer to breaking ground on the new jail, this after approval of some preliminary schematics at the commissioners meeting on November 20th.

Garmong Construction and DLZ Engineering presented their proposals to the commissioners and were approved with a unanimous vote.

The next step is to bring in engineers and develop a more detailed floor plan and location of the jail on the property.

The current floor plan includes housing for 384 inmates with four beds per cell as well as a holding section which holds 24 with 2 beds per cell.

As of right now the schematics and floor plan are set on the old international paper plant property which the City Council still needs to approve.

“We will have some adjustments to make. The design we have right now is actually what we need. This is the way we have to have it. How we’re going to set it up on the property is something totally different,” said Commissioner Judy Anderson.

The City Council will have a meeting on December 6th where they will either make a decision on the property or table it for another time.

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