Sarahah App: Constructive? Or Cyber Bullying?


At the click of the “install” button, you’re on your way to opening a world full of anonymous comments.

Some you may love to hear and some you may not.

It’s all a part of a new social media frenzy with an app called “Sarahah.” 

It’s spreading like wild fire through multiple social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

This app is raising the question: Is it constructive criticism? Or cyber bullying? 

Emily Simpson just recently downloaded the app. 

“Honestly, it’s like I don’t even know,” says Simpson. “Before I got it if I had the choice again, knowing what it would do, I would probably still install it again because the good messages do outweigh the bad ones.” 

“Sarahah” is Arabic, which is translated to mean “honesty.”

Sarahah was first developed about two months ago. 

It started over in middle eastern countries and has made it’s way here to North America. 

As it says in its description, “the purpose is to help you discover your strengths and areas for improvement…in a private manner.” 

But when these comments don’t have a face… “I’ve had a couple inappropriate ones and it’s kind of awkward to handle that because you don’t really know the source of that negativity so you can’t really knock it out,” says Simpson.  

So is this app constructive criticism? Or just another avenue for potential cyber bullying? 

“It just seems to me like, it’s an outlet for bullies,” says Simpson. “Especially sexual vulgar content. I’m actually really glad there’s not an option to put pictures on there because I’m really scared to see what people would get.”

Right now, the app doesn’t have a way to respond to a comment.

So these comments are just that. 


The creators of Sarahah say they are looking into a conversation ability, but are still just exploring the idea. 

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