Safely Heating Your Home


Cooler temperatures are on their way, which means many folks will bring out their space heaters, a home appliance that can cause damage when used incorrectly.

“Once winter time hits, fire that are either related to space heaters or some time of alternative heating other than your normal furnace, we see an increase,” said Josh Sittler, Honey Creek Fire Department.

While the heaters have caused destruction in the past, there are ways to make sure that they don’t in the future.

“They place those throughout their house and those are fine as long as they’re not near combustible material such as sofas and curtains and clothes,” says Ken Bovenschen, Paul Davis-Terre Haute GM.

Paul Davis, a company that focuses on the restoration of buildings after fire, says that not only should you be cautious about the space heater’s area but also the condition of the unit.

“The main thing is to make sure it’s in proper working order, and so check those cords before you ever plug it in. While it’s running, of course never leave it unattended. Never leave it on while you’re sleeping,” said Bovenschen.

The improper use of a space heater can cause much damage to your home, as well as physical harm such as serious burns if you get too close.
“Make sure that you try to stay away from it and you don’t lean up against it, you don’t let a child lean up against it,” Sittler.

If a fire does happen to break out, Sittler says making sure another appliance is in working condition can potentially save your life. “Make sure you have a working smoke detector. That’s one of our biggest things that we want to make sure people have.”

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