Rural School Gaining Popularity


Tuesday night folks squeezed into the the gym at RCA for the first meeting of the new school year. 

The meeting gave parents and students a chance to meet school staff and get everything ready for the upcoming school year.

Currently there is a wait list for both students and teachers at the school.

The reason for the growth and overwhelming interest? 

Small class sizes and one on one attention between teachers and students. 

Officials also give credit to the family like community that supports the school. 

“Carter school do not get all the funding that traditional public schools receive,” Tanna Jo Cox said. “So we would love to pay our staff lots more money but they are here for the reasons that helped them become a teacher. And that part is just the special part that connects us to the students and to the families in the classroom that we have that academic growth, like that’s what it’s all about.”

Currently there are 155 students enrolled and that number expected to climb, but because of their charter, the school can only enroll 180 kids. 

Right now, there is a waiting list to get into particular grades, but interested parents can still go through the application process by contacting the school. 

RCA, will be holding a BBQ at the school, the night before school starts. 

The event, is for parents and students but interested families are also invited to attend. 

It’s on Tuesday, August 7th from 5 to 7 p.m. 

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