Rockville Coed Cheerleaders Rock


It’s not every day you see male cheerleaders at the high school level. But several teams in the Wabash Valley are working to change that.

Rockville has not just one, but four male cheerleaders. Last season, there were 10.

“They needed people to do the spirit lifting part, says Rockville Cheerleader Cole Butler, “and we didn’t have very many guys go out for it, and I wasn’t doing anything this winter so I decided to do it.”

That’s if you can call four guys in a small 1A school “not very many.”

“Cheerleading is actually more challenging than people make it out to be, because you have to be good. You have to be strong. You have to be able to work with a whole bunch of people, and you have to be able to move in certain ways, and get stunts up,” says Jake White, fellow coed Rockville Cheerleader.

Worried about stereotypes of cheerleading being a predominately female sport? They’re not. In fact, quite the opposite.

“People kind of encourage it. People–it’s not really a negative thing. It’s not a problem,” says Butler.

It’s safe to say the ladies appreciate the help during stunts.

“With a guy it’s so much easier because they lift a lot of weight off of you, and they take the–like the stress of it off,” says Hannah Henderson, another Rockville Cheerleader. “But when I’m stunting with the girls, it’s a lot more work, and super hard.”

A high school coed squad is something Rockville head cheerleading coach Amy Mccalister is proud of, and rightfully so.

“It is difficult sometimes. It does take a little bit of encouragement to get the guys to participate, but we have a great group of guys. They do a great job, so we’re just appreciative that they can come out and help us,” says Mccalister.

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