Robinson City Council hosts discussion regarding sale of marijuana within the city


ROBINSON, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) – Robinson officials host a public hearing before deciding whether to allow or disallow marijuana sales in their city.

Just months before marijuana is officially legalized in Illinois, Robinson officials say there is much that is still unknown about the law, but what is known is that a big decision must soon be made.

“We will have to make decision and it will be in form of an ordinance to either allow or disallow the retail sale of marijuana,” said mayor Roger Pethtel, City of Robinson.

Before Robinson City Council takes the issue to a vote, Tuesday they held a public hearing to hear concerns from the community.

Many of those in attendance spoke out against the sale of marijuana in Robinson.

“As parents and grandparents, we are trying to keep our children safe and keep them off of drugs, and here they are saying it’s okay. As a society, we are saying it’s okay,” said Melissa Ochs, Robinson resident.

Those in favor of bringing dispensaries or marijuana shops to Robinson say they believe it could lead to a positive economic impact.

“Recreational marijuana will be present in our area regardless. There’s no reason to not take advantage of the opportunities that are attached to that,” said Shawn Mitchell, Robinson resident.

When it comes to how Robinson officials are feeling about the law, mayor Pethtel says the city council is leaning towards prohibiting the sale of marijuana in their area.

“The general opinion of the council is that we do not allow the sale and if they have to go some place else to get the marijuana, so be it,” Pethtel said.

Robinson officials say they hope to vote on this matter no later than the end of October.

According to Pethtel, if a decision is not made by January 1st, the sale of marijuana would be allowed.

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