Restoring School Pride Through Donations


A local high school is working to raise $35,000 to help increase moral in the school and in the community.

Monday, WTWO went to Washington High School’s weight room and it was like walking into a room of the past. 

“How many reps did you guys do last week?” asks David Harman, Washington High School Science teacher, past coach and donation organizer. 

The amount of reps students can do at WHS is limited by their equipment.

“It’s kind of dungy and smelly and it’s just very outdated,” says Harman. “And some of the equipment is you know, unsafe.” 

“The weights in here are like old and really dirty and we’ve had them for a really long time and it’s really important for like, athletes to work out so we can get better,” says Billy Fleetwood, a junior at WHS.  

Washington’s weight room isn’t just for athletes though. 

Students can take weight lifting as a class and sometimes the P.E. classes utilize it. 

This facility means so much more to the community than just enhancing and improving athletic performance. 

“It’s just brings us closer as a community, obviously that, but we’re a small town and it just…it means a lot to the students and the school that everybody’s donating and every body is just contributing to the fact they’re hearing us and listening to us that we want something new to our school added,” says Gissele Santos, a senior at WHS. 

Harman and WHS have a goal of raising $35,000.  

“We’ve raised…the “GoFundMe” says $4,700, but we’ve raised around $8,300 through donations, through checks, through personal donations through the school,” says Harman.   

The main goal is to acquire about six new squat racks, which range from $1,500 to $2,000.  

“Everything is just like really old,” says Isaac Whitehead, a junior at WHS. “It’s just not.. it’s no good.” 

They also need new free weights, new benches and more, which will make $35,000 disappear quickly.

David Harman tells WTWO that this upgrade also has a lot to do with pride.

He says the community in Washington is very proud of their school and he wants their kids to be proud to walk into a modern weight room.

Also a few of the students WTWO talked to agreed that they would feel better about being there and work out better in a cleaner environment. 

The “GoFundMe” page closes on June 1st, but the school will take any donations sent directly to the school at any time. 

Here is the schools address if you’d like to send donations: 

Att: David Harman

608 E Walnut St.

Washington, IN 47501

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