Residents Thankful For No Casualties


A powerful thunderstorm ripped through the Valley Wednesday night.

It left business like the Japanese Restaurant at Third and Margaret with a gaping hole in the roof.

The tops came completely off of other buildings, like the Comfort Suites hotel.

Our crews have been out and about today surveying the damage and talking to residents.

Rebecca Brumfield is on a side street by Margaret Avenue which is right behind the Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.

One man is glad his family is okay, and two others went out scoping out the damage after feeling the force of the storm for themselves.

“I pull up here, I’m freaking out trying to figure out if my family is ok,” explains Jedidiah Williams. “Cause they’re not from here . They’ve never dealt with these kind of storms before.”

Dealing with straight line winds, pouring rain and no power leaves some streets plastered with broken tree limbs, debris of all sizes and leaves everywhere.

The city called in the big rigs to clean up the aftermath.

“My emotions were running high, you know, I’m not gonna lie,” says Williams. “From what I’ve heard, nobody was injured, which is always good obviously.”

Early Thursday morning there were stop lights out by New Margaret Avenue and State Road 46 by Meijer.

Police officers directed traffic while the lights on Third were out by I-70.

“I mean, roofs gone, houses are just covered in trees because [these] winds are just that bad okay?” says Jeremy Mix. “Everywhere, I mean, it’s bad.”

Jeremy Mix along with his friend Will Todd were having a guy’s night, looking for a milkshake.

And for them, everything turned severe in a blink of an eye.
“It picks up out of nowhere with lightning, wind, rain,” says Todd. “Like the water couldn’t even drain fast enough.”

“If you see behind me, the cool sign of Tokyo said ‘goodbye world’ today and took a plummet into the building, pretty big hole,” says Mix.

The owners of the restaurant hope to have their doors back open for business this weekend.

That timeline isn’t the same for other areas hit with storm debris.

“Comfort suites…half their roof’s gone,” says Todd. “And debris all the way down Margaret as far as CVS if not farther.”

“For like, several blocks, it’s bad,” says  Mix. “Houses are damaged. People are at work…we’re trying to rebuild.. that’s what we do. As people we rebuild.”

You may see workers out and about like they were earlier today trying to get as much of the debris cleaned up as they can.

The RedCross disaster team showed up to the area just behind Tokyo to survey the damage done.

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