Remembering Layla Raines


Family, friends and mentors of Layla Raines are remembering the a 15-year-old girl who died Wednesday in a tragic accident.

For those who loved Layla, it’s important to remember how she lived, not just how she died.

In Jasonville Thursday, WTWO met two friends of Layla Raines and also talked with a local Pastor Mark Messmer, who was Layla’s track and field coach.

They all acknowledged her ever contagious smile.

“Her smile would make other people smile,” says Braydon Scank. “And she just lit up the room with her smile and it’ll just be a smile we’ll never forget.”

A smile worth remembering, Layla Raines, a 15-year-old girl…

“She was really down to earth,” says Brooklyn Nelson. 

Lost her life Wednesday after a van struck the teen on a rural road in Clay County.

Now the small community of Jasonville…

“It’s a great place,” says Pastor Messmer. “Everyone rallies together.”

Is doing just that.

Rallying behind a memory of a teenage girl who was just figuring out what she wanted to do.

“I know she loved to do track and she loved band, and she loved hanging out with her friends at lunch and stuff,” says Nelson. 

“She was just unique,” says Pastor Messmer. “She just.. she had her own style. She had her own way. She.. she was different and she wanted to be.”

Those remembering Layla could muster a smile, just reminiscing, but it only takes the pain away for a short moment before reality forces its way back in.

“It just shows that life is so precious,” says Scank. “And, that life is so fast and quick that you can barely grab on to the moments.”

Students in Jasonville and beyond are changing their profile pictures on social media to resemble this one here.

This is actually Braydon Scank’s profile photo and as you can see, it’s a photo of Layla with the words “fly high Layla” on it.

In the bottom right hand corner, you can see the hashtag “#LoveForLayla” as well.

Pastor Mark Messmer says that any form of expression is good for the kids and adults if they choose to participate.

We did check in with law enforcement officials on the case.

At this time, there is no new information on the investigation.

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