Remembering Garrett Sands


The community gathered to remember a young shooting victim. 17 year old Garrett Sands died Wednesday at a party while another teen is accused of the shooting.

Monday was not about dwelling on the tragic ending of Garrett Sands’ life. Instead, family and friends gathered to celebrate his life. People filed into the New Life Church on Ohio Street in Terre Haute to pay their respects. A fair number of high school students and law enforcement personnel were in attendance. The visitation started at noon. While the service was held from 1-3.

Many people continue to share memories of Garrett, including Terre Haute South’s Track and Cross Country Coach.

“He not only wanted to get better himself but wanted others to get better, even if that meant he had to take a step back.”

Coach Lee said Garrett was a hard worker not only in athletics but the classroom as well being able to graduate early. Sands will be honored April 30th on senior day. Coach Lee said he will forever be a Brave.

Here is Coach’s full statement:

“I first met Garrett the summer before his freshman year as he ran cross from my brother and he was your typical small kid that needed to grow or work his tail off, and that’s what he did. He eventually was able to grow and catch up to his spirit. He is one that always wanted to do more or learn more, sometimes would do too much and over think. He went so far as to build his own hurdles and run hurdles in his backyard when we had time off. His thirst to be better never stopped. We also had many talks about nutrition and what he should be doing to take care of his body. He was a tough kid for sure, I remember many workouts over hurdles where he would end up on the ground and get right up and finish the workout. It paid off for him in the long run as he was a varsity hurdler and ran his two best times when it counted, at the sectional meet last year just missing the finals in the 110HH and running a huge race in the 300H finishing 6th and scoring points for the team we did not count on. As a student he was the same kid. Many mornings I’d see him in my classroom asking for help with his math assignments. That hard work paid off as well as he was able to graduate early and take an apprenticeship while he worked and taking courses to further his education. Not only did he have that incredible drive for himself but for others. He was great at taking the knowledge he had picked up from me or anywhere else and relaying that to the younger guys. He not only wanted to get better himself but wanted others to get better, even if that meant he had to take a step back. Unfortunately I was out of the state when it happened so hearing the news through friends and social media was hard to take and I was in shock for a while and it really started hitting me on the flight back home. Even though I wasn’t coaching him this year, I was counting on him to show up to meets and lend his support to his peers he had spent the past 4 years working alongside. He was always a welcome face to see, always welcomed with a smile. We will also be honoring Garrett as a senior on our senior night on Apr 30th. He will always be a part of the South Brave family.”

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