INDIANAPOLIS — Tempers flared Saturday afternoon inside the Indiana Statehouse after the state senate narrowly passed a near-total abortion ban.

Pro-abortion rights protestors were stationed outside the chamber all day chanting and booing and could be heard inside the chamber.

Following the vote, Senate Minority Leader Greg Taylor was escorting Sen. Mike Young to the elevators when the two were chased by several protestors. Video can be seen below:

Young, a Republican, voted against the bill because he said it doesn’t go far enough and is too broad. He earlier proposed an amendment stripping exceptions for rape and incest, although lawmakers voted it down last week.

Indiana State Police were quick to intervene and created a barrier between the protestors and the senators.

While Saturday’s protests were not as large as what was seen earlier in the week, people in attendance were clearly passionate and upset with the results of the vote.

“My decision to have a child or to not have a child has been stripped from me,” said abortion rights protestor Diana Frederick.

The crowd was made up entirely of people who are pro-abortion rights, including Rebecca Rudolph.

“I can’t believe this is the world I’m raising my daughter in,” Rudolph said. “It’s definitely hard to go through this and watch our country go back in time.”

Also in the crowd of the protestors Saturday was representatives from the Indiana American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

“This bill is going to do irreparable harm to the lives of women in the state and protects no one,” Katie Blair, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy at the ACLU of Indiana, said. “It is unacceptable it’s unpopular and I’m disgusted today.”

Blair left the door open to the organization pursuing legal action if the bill becomes law.

“We are tracking this bill and we’re going to use every single tool at our disposal,” Blair said.

Along with Senate Democrats, organizations like Women4Change are encouraging people to remember the vote on Election Day.

“They may pass the restrictions now on their bodies, but they’re not going to pass restrictions on the ballot box,” Women4Change CEO Rima Shahid said. “We are going to remember that come November.”

While the bill makes its way through the house, protestors we spoke with said they’re never going to give up.

“I’m fighting for myself, I’m fighting for my daughter-in-law‘s, I’m going to fight for my grandchildren if I ever have them,” Frederick said. “It’s not done, I’m not done.”

The FOX 59 team was at the statehouse all day and did not see or hear from any anti-abortion protestors.

Indiana Right To Life had said earlier in the week that it would not support Senate Bill 1 because it does not go far enough and the organization doubled down on that today.

The organization released the following statement:

“Serious issues remain with SB1, including loopholes that will allow most abortions to continue in Indiana, and even a rollback on some protections that currently exist for the unborn. We are hopeful these concerns will be fixed in the House and that SB1 will become a bill we can support. As it stands today, we remain opposed to SB1.”

Indiana Right to Life

We have reached out to Governor Holcomb’s office to get his input on this latest move and have not heard back.