GREENWOOD, Ind. (WXIN) — A woman was in shock Friday morning when she reviewed her Ring doorbell footage to find a man abandoning his pit bull in her apartment complex’s laundry room.

Katelyn Slack found the dog Friday morning around 9 when she went to go start her laundry.

She found a pit bull that was, as she described as, “deathly skinny” with his nails being “extremely overgrown”.

“He was as sweet as can be,” she said.

Before taking the dog to the shelter, Slack made sure he had a good meal of Hill’s Science Diet kibble and a can of chicken and barley wet dog food.

On the ride to the animal shelter, Slack said the pup sat in her lap and cried the whole way there.

Johnson County animal shelter told Slack that the dog had such a good temperament and the main reason they euthanize is if the dog is in a bad health condition. This gave Slack some peace of mind.

After contacting Johnson County animal shelter, FOX59 was told that they don’t have too much information on the animal yet, and they cannot release all of the dog’s information until his stray hold is up, but, they will be contacting us when they get our questions answered.

The director of the shelter did tell us the dog is a male, unneutered, and she would describe him as “skinny” but not “deathly skinny”.

We will continue to update this article as we receive more information from Johnson Co. animal shelter. Information is subject to change.