Walnut Street has opened up. Still, no traffic is permitted to go under the railroad bridge as crews work to secure the train.

MOUNT CARMEL, Ill. (WEHT) – The Walnut Street and Second Street crossing in Mount Carmel is blocked due to a train derailment. An employee of Norfolk Southern expects the crossings to be blocked for several hours so the public should consider alternate routes to travel to and from Indiana.

No traffic will be allowed under the bridges. Mount Carmel Police Department (MCPD) is at the scene and directing traffic away from the bridge.

Train derailed on bridge in Mount Carmel

The train engine is unstable and could have the train cars topple over. Norfolk crews are examining the train looking for a safe point to disconnect and reverse the train.

MCPD asks no calls be made for updates. They will notify the public as soon as they hear anything. More information can be found on the MCPD Facebook page.