ROANOKE, Ind. (WANE) — Many people see mowing, edging, and maintaining your lawn as a chore, but to Justin Hyndman, from Roanoke, having a great lawn is a passion. One that he has now turned into a social media hobby.

“I’ve always been known jokingly as the guy that has the best yard in the neighborhood,” said Justin Hyndman. “Everybody will stop and make comments like ‘Hey it looks beautiful, It looks great, What are you doing?’ My neighbors always joke, looking neighbors always joke ‘well Justin’s doing something in the yard again, we need to get out and up our game.”

With all the interest in his lawn, Justin’s wife suggested he start a YouTube channel so others can learn from him. Thus, ‘The Lawn Lover’ brand was born on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

“I try to track what I do and how I achieve the results that I’ve gotten so far. Then I plan out a video, get some background information, and shoot the video as I do it.”

Hyndman’s lawn wasn’t always camera ready. In fact, it took a few years of products before he unlocked the secret.

“I would put down a lot of products and a lot of stuff and always wonder why I couldn’t get my yard looking like those yards that you see on social media. When I started soil testing I kinda learned the science behind soil, and how you need to treat your soil and the lawn comes secondary,” explained Hyndman, “That’s kinda the motto. so I fixed the pH and that’s what put me over the top.”

Since starting the channel in January, ‘The Lawn Lover’ has over 30 videos and over 300 subscribers, even reaching people across the globe.

“It’s all kind of new to me. It’s kind of a cool experience, learning from other people, teaching other people. So far, we are clear over to Australia and Germany on Instagram and Facebook. Kind of cool that it has gone international,” added Hyndman.

While he had some landscaping experience in college, he has minimal experience when it comes to video production. So, while he is teaching others how to get their lawn in pristine green shape, he is also learning how to manage social media.

“There is definitely a science to YouTube, analytics, thumbnails, and how you drive views. It’s definitely been a learning curve,” said Hyndman, “I feel like I’ve developed a little bit since then, my content has driven more interaction.”

As Hyndman cultivates his content creation, he hopes to show that having a great lawn is all about the basics.

“I like to keep it simple from my aspect and kind of go through the basics, I’m big about getting your soil right to get a nice lawn and everything will fall into place after that.”

Hyndman encourages viewers and followers to send him questions or topics they would like to see covered. You can follow ‘The Lawn Lover’ on social media in the links below.

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Instagram: The Lawn Lover Indiana