Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) – Two television meteorologists covering severe weather in central Illinois found themselves up to their ankles in a flooded studio overnight while on the air.

Between two to three inches of rain fell in and around Champaign early Monday morning.  There were localized reports of flash-flooding, as well as wind and hail damage.

One of those flash floods impacted operations at WCIA 3, with four inches of flood water covering the floor of the station’s news studio, technical control room and the news department.

  • Station Flood

Technical equipment, for the most part, was spared from damage.   And the television station was able to remain on air despite the flooding informing viewers of the path and impact of the storms across the area.

“Water flooding into your studio is certainly not something you expect to see,” said Larry Forsgren, Vice President and General Manager at WCIA 3.  “Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty and Meteorologist Jacob Dickey did a remarkable job keeping their composure and keeping our audience up to date with the latest information.”

Clean up crews arrive shortly after 2:00 am and pumped the water out of the station and into storm drains surrounding the station.

Fans and de-humidifiers are being placed in areas throughout the station today to dry out the walls and floors.

Meteorologists say the next few days will be hot and dry, helping the area dry out.