GALVESTON, Ind. — Two thieves nabbed a cash jar from a liquor store in Cass County. Whether they knew it or not, the money inside was being raised for a man battling cancer.

“How would you feel if your mother or your father was in pain every single day? It’s a theft from someone who needs it,” said Jennifer Wolfenbarger, owner of Lucky Dog Liquors. “It’s what pays for his prescriptions, his pain meds, his copays with the doctors.”

Lucky Dog Liquors has had the jar out for a while. It had been used to raise money for local school charities, but Wolfenbarger never thought her family would need to use the jar for themselves.

Her daughter’s father came down with stage four prostate cancer and multiple forms of myeloma. The jar money was to help pay his medical bills.

“That’s what all this money goes for,” said Wolfenbarger. “‘My daughter isn’t going to let her dad go without. It helps with food if he’s in the hospital with my daughter or his wife, and they need to stay at the hospital with him, then they can eat. My daughter is raising four kids, so it’s hard to raise four kids and not let your parents go without.”

Wolfenbarger says two thieves distracted the store clerk at her shop and stole the jar of money. Their surveillance cameras caught the two in the act.

“How would you feel if someone stole that from your family that you know probably won’t be here?” questioned Wolfenbarger, tearing up. “They are not going to be here forever. Cancer is pretty much a death sentence. It’s sad to say.”

The store was able to get surveillance of the duo’s getaway vehicle.

Luckily, the thieves were not able to steal the $1,400 that the family has already raised at the shop. Each night they remove the money from the jar and stash it away.

“Theft is theft. I don’t care if it’s $20 or $200, it’s still theft,” remarked Wolfenbarger.

If you recognize either of these suspects please contact local law enforcement. If you want to help the family you can donate to their cause here.