URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – An act of kindness from a 9-year-old boy has people all across Champaign County talking.

“I just was trying to hold back my tears. Just so so kind,” Brianna Morgan said.

That’s from a picture originally posted to Facebook. The photo shows a child, holding an umbrella for a woman in a wheelchair.

This happened Thursday. We talked with both of the people in the picture. The woman is actually his librarian at Thomas Paine Elementary.

She was waiting to get on the bus when she said a group of students walked by. She said she was telling them hello and to have a good night, and that’s when 9-year-old Aiden turned around and held his umbrella for her to make sure she stayed dry in the rain.

“If I just left here there, she would get wet, but if I didn’t, she wouldn’t,” Aiden said.

“I just felt loved, honestly I just really appreciated it, because you know school has been tough the last two years and it was just proud really because we talk about being kind to each other, being respectful, and helping each other out. So, I just feel very proud that he did that,” Morgan said.

Aiden said it’s important to be kind to one another. Morgan said she’s known Aiden since first grade and is very grateful he stopped.