EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — After a day of deliberating, a jury has come back and reached a decision in a high profile rape case. Wednesday night, Heidi Carter was found guilty of “Carrying a Handgun without a License”.

She was facing two rape charges, but one of those charges was dropped Wednesday morning. The jury was unable to make a decision, so the judge ruled all other charges as a mistrial.

The prosecutor in the case declined to comment after this verdict was reached. Before the jury came out, the defense attorney told us they expected a mistrial was possible.

Yesterday, the last piece of evidence that the prosecution tried to enter was a summary of Facebook messages between Carter and her boyfriend Hammond. The judge did not allow the messages to be entered into evidence. The defense attorney did not make any comment on Facebook messages.

The parties will meet on December 9 to set a new trial date. No sentencing date has been set for the handgun charge as of set.