DANVILLE, Ind. – Three teenagers that were pulled from a wrecked car are now searching for the stranger who helped them get out to safety.

Saturday morning, Connor Burress, his girlfriend, Ally Dunne and one of their other friends were on their way to volunteer at an animal sanctuary.  They were on Highway 36, near 400 West in Danville when they got into an accident.

“Terrifying. I can’t even describe how afraid I was there,” said Connor Burress, a victim.  

Their SUV flipped several times.  Immediately, a stranger who happened to be driving by stopped to help.

“The sheer luck of a paramedic stopping at an accident is incredible,” said Connor Burress.

The stranger was a paramedic, supposedly on his way to work.  He pulled Connor out of the back window and Ally and her friend out of the sunroof.

“The paramedic was like, ‘Hey up here, give me your hands I’ll pull you out,’” explains Ally Dunne, a crash victim.

“He was right there when it happened and immediately pulled over when it happened and jumped onto the SUV,” said Kevin Dunne, Ally’s dad.

The SUV rolled down into a ravine and if that paramedic hadn’t been driving by it would’ve been tough to see the wrecked car from the road.

“I think it was just God watching over the kids and perfect timing,” said Michelle Burress, Connor’s mom.

Connor was hurt the worst.  He was in the hospital for a couple days with a concussion. He was fractures in his hand and foot and open wounds on his other arm.

“(I’m) incredibly grateful. This could’ve been so much worse,” said Connor Burress.

Ally and her dad briefly met the paramedic at the hospital right after the crash, but it was chaotic.  So, the Dunne’s and Connor and his mom want to track down the stranger and have the chance to really thank him.

“He was just our savior. Our angel that he didn’t even know he was going to be that day,” said Michelle Burress.

Both families tell us they have reached out to nearby fire stations and hospitals in an effort to reach the stranger.