DELPHI, Ind. — The news of Friday’s arrest in connection to the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German drew people from near and far to Delphi to pay their respects.

A lot of them choose to visit the Monon High Bridge where the girls took some of their final steps in February 2017.

“Being here is definitely chilling,” Brynn Colin said. “It’s chilling.”

Nobody can encounter the towering structure without remembering the tragedy it’s forever associated with. Colin drove nearly three hours to see it for herself. 

“No matter how many videos and pictures you see, being here is completely different,” she said.

Like so many, she said she’s followed the case since the beginning. When she heard of an arrest on Friday, she was stunned.

“You see the sketch comparisons and everything and I’m like this is it,” Colin said. “But then at the same time the sadness is never going to go away.”

Even for locals who have taken the eerie walk to the bridge before, doing so after hearing of the arrest was different.

“The closer I got to the bridge the more nauseous I was feeling,” said Jessica Logsdon.

LLogsdon and her mother Jeanne live just outside Carroll County but felt compelled to visit. Both said they’re still in shock; 50-year-old Richard Allen was someone they’ve seen and even spoken to. His arrest in connection with the case is jarring.

“It’s amazing that someone could do that and be a part of this community and just watch everybody go through this,” Logsdon said. “It’s sickening.”

While Friday marked the day that so many had hoped for, mementos along the trail are a reminder that nothing can bring the girls back. 

“It will bring the family closure of some sort but not totally,” Jeanne said.

People in this small community are now anxiously awaiting an answer to the question they’ve all been asking for so long: What happened on the bridge?

“I know so many people throughout the United States and beyond have followed this case so closely,” Colin said. “I’ve just prayed for the day to come and to finally be here, it’s overwhelming.”

Indiana State Police are set to hold a news conference on Monday to provide an update on the case. The families of Abby Williams and Libby German are expected to speak at that time as well.