INDIANAPOLIS — State troopers found a trove of stolen credit cards, government identifications, passports, checkbooks and more after pulling over an Indianapolis woman who was driving with an expired temporary license plate.

Angela Cook, 47, was arrested for a slew of charges that include identity deception, driving while suspended and possession of cocaine. At the time of the traffic stop, troopers discovered Cook had three active felony warrants out of Marion County.

According to the Indiana State Police, a trooper pulled Cook over on Interstate 65 near downtown Indy at 11:16 p.m. on Wednesday. Cook originally gave a false name and date of birth, proving the trooper with identification belonging to another person. But this wasn’t the only false identification Cook had.

In total, a search of Cook’s vehicle revealed she had 40 government-issued identifications, 73 credit cards, three passports, eight social security cards and seven checkbooks — all belonging to various people.

Troopers reported also finding drug paraphernalia in Cook’s vehicle after she voluntarily told a trooper that she was a “crackhead,” according to court documents, and that he’d find a crack pipe inside her purse. Four smoking pipes were found in total within the vehicle.

When Cook was taken to the Marion County Jail, a search discovered that she’d hidden three small bags of narcotics inside her vagina. The narcotics were determined to be 21 grams of cocaine.