MUNCIE, Ind. — Court documents revealed an 18-year-old Muncie man’s motive for robbing a Village Pantry was due to him being disrespected when a clerk denied him tobacco products.

Police said Brayden Robben tried to buy cigarellos at the Village Pantry at 1524 W. University Avenue on Sunday morning. When asked for ID, Robben told the clerk he was not old enough, then went outside, and pointed the firearm at the clerk through the window, according to court documents.

After the clerk went to a back area of the store for safety, Robben is accused of going back inside and taking the cigarellos.

When police arrived, they followed Robben’s footprints and found him on Dicks Street. When asked what happened, court documents state Robben told officers, “I wasn’t going to be disrespected like that.”

Police found a small handgun and cigarellos in Robben’s possession.

Robben became linked to another robbery at a business at 1900 S. Madison that happened the day before the Village Pantry incident. Investigators said he stole two Little Debbie snack cakes and then pointed a gun at the clerk through a window.

According to court documents, Robben was wearing a black and white bandana during the robbery. The same bandana was found in his bag during his arrest.

The suspect is also accused of showing a knife through the window to a clerk at a Shell at 2410 S. Madison on the same day. Police said he admitted that he also pointed a gun that was concealed under his coat.

Robben was arrested and preliminary charged with robbery, two counts of pointing a firearm, and theft.

In Indiana, you must be 21 years old to purchase tobacco products.