INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana State Board of Education approved a method to maintain funding for schools reopening virtually this fall after warnings of possible cuts from lawmakers last month.

The unanimously approved plan allows the state to use data from the last student count in February to determine whether schools should receive full funding for their students, regardless of whether those students are receiving instruction virtually or in the classroom this semester.  

School budgets won’t be penalized for students learning virtually this fall, as long as the students weren’t enrolled in a full-time virtual education program on the last enrollment count day. 

“I am pleased the State Board of Education took action to implement the Department’s original guidance to provide 100 percent funding for impacted students who receive virtual instruction due to the pandemic associated with the fall count,” Indiana Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Jennifer McCormick said following the vote. “I am grateful for the many calls and emails made by educators, administrators, parents and community members to our elected officials. This tireless advocacy created action and change.”