INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WANE)–Thanks to the Indiana Housing Authority, Hoosier homeowners will get a helping hand in paying off their mortgages.

The Indiana Homeowner’s Assistance will use 167 million dollars of the American Rescue Plan funding to help pay for Hoosier’s homes, insurance, and property taxes.

“We know that a number of Hoosiers have been affected by [the] COVID-19 pandemic. We want to keep them in their homes. This is money that has been provided by the federal government to do just that,” Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch said.

Each eligible household will be awarded around $35,000 and will be paid out directly to the mortgage lender and will not be considered taxable income.

So, if they’ve been adversely affected, if their income has been affected, if they have more expenses, just call us or go to the website, and we will work with you to see if you qualify; and you can get up to six months, or 35-thousand dollars in assistance… whichever one comes first,” Crouch said.

To get housing assistance, submit an application here.