INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says a man was shot and killed in self-defense in an “apparent robbery” attempt on the far east side.

Just before 4:30 a.m., IMPD got a report of a person shot on Tapp Drive. That’s just northeast of the Meijer on E. Washington Street/U.S. 40. That’s also known as the Cumberland area.

Police found a male who was declared deceased at the scene. It’s unclear if the male is a teenager or adult.

According to IMPD, two people were in a car on Tapp Drive when they were approached by multiple individuals, including the male who was fatally shot.

At one point, shots were fired, and the male who ended up dying was hit by gunfire.

Police believe the shooting was the result of an attempted robbery, possibly a carjacking.

The shooter is cooperating with the investigation. No arrests have been made.

Neighbor Joyce Kefauver says she was waken up by a sound around the time of the shooting.

“I was sleeping in my bedroom in front and I heard a crunch,” she said. “So I got up to make sure it wasn’t my ice machine, which was supposed to be off, but the grandkids are here.”

Kefauer says once she checked the ice machine, she went back to bed only to see police lights outside.

She tells us crime is unusual for the area.

“This neighborhood is a very quiet neighborhood. I’ve been here 20 years and we just don’t have any trouble.”

She continued, “It’s pretty scary, but I’ll make it through. I’ve gone through a lot in my life being 80 years old. I’ll just put it there and go on.”