COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – Illinois State Police (ISP) officials are investigating two separate collisions overnight in which one of the agency’s patrol cars was struck. One of the collisions happened in Collinsville.

Around 1 a.m. Wednesday, an Illinois State Police trooper was investigating a crash on Interstate 270 in Madison County. The trooper’s car was stationary with emergency lights activated. A semi-trailer did not yield to the vehicle and struck it.

The trooper jumped out of the way and suffered minor abrasions. The driver, unnamed by police, received a citation for violating Scott’s Law.

Nearly one hour earlier, a different driver struck an Illinois State Police car in Cook County near Chicago, also violating Scott’s Law.

Scott’s Law, the formal name for Illinois’ move-over law, requires drivers approaching any police or other emergency vehicle stopped along the roadway to follow the following procedures:

  • Change lanes if possible
  • Always reduce speed, but reduce greatly if unable to change lanes
  • Proceed with increased caution

Violations could lead up to $10,000 in fines and two years in prison, depending on the extent of injury the responding trooper might have sustained.