DELPHI, Ind. — Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Paul Keenan oversaw the bureau’s role in the Delphi case for nearly two years. He said investigators always thought that the crime could’ve been committed by more than one person.

When prosecutor Nicholas McLeland said in court on Tuesday that he believes Allen did not act alone, Keenan said he wasn’t surprised.

“During the investigation, when I was there, we were still open to anything, whether it be one person or multiple people,” Keenan said.

If that’s the case, Kennan said he does believe the probable cause affidavit should remain sealed.

“If they unsealed it and that suspect will no doubt read it, that person can destroy evidence, they can leave the state, they can try and disappear,” Keenan said.

However, Allen was arrested and charged in connection with the killing of Abby Williams and Libby German nearly a month ago. We questioned Kennan about why police have yet to arrest anyone else involved.

“One reason that I can imagine is this person is already a fugitive and they’re looking for this person,” Keenan said. “They may not want to release that person’s name because maybe they have a good lead but they’re trying to find him or her.”

While the news of a second suspect didn’t surprise Keenan, it did come as a shock to Richard Allen’s defense team.

“If you read the probable cause affidavit, it does not mention anything about any other person,” said attorney Andrew Baldwin. “That was news to us.”

Baldwin slammed the case the prosecutor has brought forward, saying police got the “wrong guy.” Still, Keenan was quick to point out that the defense team may not have the whole picture yet.

“Not all the evidence in the case is put into that affidavit,” Keenan explained. “It’s a probable cause affidavit so only enough to get the judge to sign off.”

Keenan believes it’s likely defense lawyers just doing their job.

“I don’t think the state police would’ve brought this case without solid evidence and the judge wouldn’t have signed off on the probable cause affidavit without solid evidence,” Keenan said.

In a statement Wednesday, Prosecutor McLeland doubled down on his position that the documents should remain sealed. He said he has a very solid case that shows Allen was involved in the Delphi murders and looks forward to presenting it at trial.